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I’m Bruno and I will help you Travel Smarter!

I share curated itineraries, hacks, destination guides and lots of insider travel tips to make you a travel geek!

Who’s behind Geeky Explorer?

Hello, my name is Bruno and I have a travel addiction.

Travel better. Spam never.

Join 600+ other travelers and receive free travel tips, deals, and inspiration that will help you travel smarter around the world.

Only a few emails PER YEAR. No spam, pinky promise.

Travel to Azores with my e-Book

If you’re thinking of visiting the Azores, I’ve compiled all my local tips and advice in this 85-page ebook about my home island: S?o Miguel.

OMG this was so useful Bruno! Thank you so much for helping us organize our trip. We printed it and took it with us everywhere! Thank you so much for helping us organize our trip. We printed it and took it with us.

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